Ten years Ten years

October 17-19, 2014

The 10th edition of ZenaCamp, the first Italian Lindy Hop camp ever. Frankie was here, and his son Chazz, Marcus & Bärbl, Kevin & Jo, Rusty Frank, Joseph & Trisha, Sharon & Juan, Evita & Nathan, Mindaugas & Giedre, Alice & Tommy, Max & Annie, Mia & Andy, William & Maeva, Valerie & Andreas, Jamin & Adam, the NPBB, the Shirt Tail Stompers, the Magic Shook Heads, the Devil’s Advocates, and more. For this year we have on the bill Kevin & Alice, William & Maeva, Mikey & Pamela, Adam Brozowski and two big novelties: the legendary Dawn Hampton and the brand new formation of the Devil’s Advocates Orchestra, a 16 elements big band!

Special guest: Dawn Hampton


Devil’s Advocates Orchestra

16 Elements Big Band!

Our favorite Italian old jazz musicians, guitarist Renzo Luise Da Fano (Genova) and multi-instrumentalist and arranger Mauro Porro (Milan), join their talents to create the Devil’s Advocates Orchestra project. With the steady support of Silvia Palazzolo and Bruno Rossi Zenaswingers, this 16-elements band will start off exclusively for Be Lindy Zenacamp and set on fire the dancefloor with the arrangements of the best 1930’s and 1940’s hits for the lindy hoppers.

Rhythm Lord Brothers

United by their titles and love for swing music, DJs Lord Arnas and Lord Mindaugas are making sure that swing dancer feet will never stop... ever.

More music TBA!



At least 6 months of dancing

You have taken at least six months of classes, covering six counts and eight count basic moves. You should be confident with the: Lindy Turn, Swing Out, Lindy Circle and basic Lindy Charleston steps, such as side-by-side Charleston. In this level you will learn a lot of technique and concepts you need to know to improve as a lindy hop dancer. If you don’t feel perfectly confident with all the above steps, don’t worry. The teachers will review all of them very quickly.


At least 1 year of dancing

You’ve been learning Lindy Hop and social dancing regularly for at least one year; you already attended a few workshops and weekly classes in your scene. You must have a good and solid knowledge of fundamentals patterns - Swingouts, Lindy Turn, Lindy Circle, Texas Tommy, Swivels (for ladies), a good number of moves also stolen from the Charleston and Lindy Charleston moves such as variations on Side-by-side, Tandem Charleston, Reverse Charleston. You must have heard about connections, musicality and improvisation.

Lindy Hop is definitely your dance for life! In this level you will become a solid Lindy Hopper, you’ll improve your skills, lean how to improvise, using your body and your musicality to add something special to your dancing. This is the right way to become a better dancer. If you don’t feel perfectly confident with all the above steps, then this level DOES NOT suit you! So please, go to the previous level to really learn how to dance Lindy Hop! In this way, you will get the best for yourself from the classes, and you will help the others to enjoy them better. Thanks for your kind cooperation!


At least 3 years of dancing

You’ve been dancing Lindy Hop for at least three years, you have a nice repertoire of moves and jazz movements. You’ve traveled around the world and you’ve been to many camps. You know dips and tricks to impress you audience, you lead and follow without any problems both on slow and super fast tempos. You know how to use your musicality.

In this level you will understand that to become a better dancer you need to go back to the basics. Not only patterns and complicated figures, but lots of technique, lots of challenges and a very quick teaching pace. To be in this level you must pass the audition (friday and saturday before the classes start).


Invitational level

Reserved to the top dancers and the Cream of the advanced dancers. The first invitations will be sent before july, 31st.

If you don’t get the invitation but you think you should be in this level, please write at and we’ll be happy to consider your request. You can access this level also after the audition. Any final decision is up to the Organizers and the teachers.