• The 9th Edition!

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  • International Artists

    For nine years in a row, our Camp has been offering you some of the best international teachers and the best performers in the world. We've always been looking for quality, that's our trademark and our main goal. Wether you are absolute beginners or instructors or professional dancers, at the Belindy Zena Camp you will find what you need and all that suits you. At the end of the weekend you will be enriched and with a lot of new perspectives to face your life as a Lindy Hopper

  • Awesome Bands

    Entertainment, fun, show, music that will make you shake your knees, move your body, dance your soul! As always, we're bringing you the best music and every night you will find it difficult to leave the dance floor. From traditional jazz to blues music, our bands will make every single dancer happy, from the first to the last note blown at dawn! as every year, you will leave the dance floor with sore legs, youe ears will be filled with the irresistible sound of jazz, your heart will be light and happy and your face will be brightened with the largest of the smiles. This is what swing music is about!

  • Entertainment

    Shows, shows, shows! it's clear, from the teachers' line-up, that you won't be dissatisfied with this year's performances! Style, class, acrobatic skills, elegance, surprise, emotions, joy, technique and that incredible talent that will keep your eyes stuck to the dance floor. Imagine a mix of all the above and you will have an idea of what our four couples of teachers are. Their performances will make our weekend even more special and unforgettable. Don't miss their show on saturday night!

  • Night Parties

    Enjoy 3 incredible Night Parties on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Live music, djs, shows and competitions! Get ready to dance the whole weekend!


Why should you come to the Be-Lindy Zena Camp?

Because it's one of the first camps ever organized in Italy, because we take care of all the details, because we provide good classes and the number of the students in each class is never too big (for choice), because we've been able to create a warm and familiar athmosphere, because this year we have a new ballroom and a studio with wooden floors, because you will be able to create a special and unique relationship with the teachers as in no other camp, because our food is simply amazing and because... YOU WILL MEET US! You will learn to dance or improve your skills in a relaxed and familiar environment, you will spend a nice and fun weekend and you will meet new people from all over Europe, you will dance with the best Italian and European swing bands and with the best international djs.

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